Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Accessibility Policy

ClareCollege is committed to making accessible information and resources that are available via the web for all users. See further the Equal Opportunities Policy. The section of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Code of Practice relating to students with disabilities states that institutions should consider disabled students in every aspect of planning and administration of academic and social activities. The Disability Discrimination Act (1995) and Special Education Needs and Disability Act [SENDA] (2001) – which amended the first act to include education, the latter became law in May 2001 with teaching and learning components falling under legislation in September 2002. SENDA legislates that it is an offence to discriminate against a disabled person by treating him or her less favourably than others for a reason relating to their disability. For the purposes of the legislation a disabled person is defined as someone who has a physical or mental impairment, which has an effect on his or her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. The Act covers all aspects of an institution’s student services. ‘Student services’ is given a broad meaning of ‘services of any description which are provided wholly or mainly for students’ and will obviously include educational services such as teaching and learning provision. Discrimination can also occur where an institution fails to make a ‘reasonable adjustment’ where the disabled student is placed at a ‘substantial disadvantage’ in comparison with someone who is not disabled and such failure cannot be ‘justified’.

The University favours the principles of usability and universal design, which will be of benefit to as many users as possible. By following these principles and incorporating techniques to ensure information and resources are accessible with assistive technologies; separate resources for disabled users should not be required. Each page on the website includes a text-only version.

Accessibility Policy statement

Where possible web pages are written to conformance level 1 standard (A), and as closely as possible to conformance level 3 standard (AAA).

Data Protection

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Comments and Suggestions

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