Chef's suggestions: All about strawberries!

Chef's suggestions: All about strawberries!

This month is all about strawberries! This beautiful and succulent fruit is in full swing, at the moment, and will be with us until the end of September. The season has been much longer this year due to all the wonderful sunshine we have been blessed with. This means our great British strawberries have been successfully growing from as early as February. There is simply no excuse not try this delicious recipe.

Strawberry tart recipe


  • ready-made sweet pastry
  • 240g whole milk
  • 57g egg yolk
  • 24g sugar
  • 12g corn flour
  • strawberries (amount depends on the size of the tart case but around 3 per portion should do it)
  • lime juice
  • sugar

Tart case

Your pastry should come ready rolled, if not, start by rolling out your pastry until it’s the thickness of a pound coin. Place over your tart case then gently push into the corners being careful not to tear it. Leave some pastry over hanging the tart case as it will shrink in the cooking process. Leave in the fridge for 30 minutes so the pastry will firm up.

Turn your oven on to 170c. Place some grease proof paper on top of the pastry and cover with uncooked rice then place in the oven for about 20 minutes until the pastry is cooked with no colour. Remove the rice and paper then cook for a further 10-15 minutes until the pastry is golden. Leave to cool.

Place the sugar, egg yolk and cornflour in a bowl and mix. Place the milk in a pan and bring to the boil then pour over the egg mix whilst continuously stirring. Put the whole mixture back into a clean pan and back on the heat and cook until it becomes thick and no longer tastes of flour. (Always stir as you will scramble the eggs)
Place the mix in a container with cling film touching the mix to prevent a skin forming.

Cut the strawberries into quarters then squeeze over some lime juice, sprinkle with sugar and leave for 10 minutes.

To assemble, place the pastry cream in a piping bag and pipe on the base of the pastry case then start to arrange the strawberries on top, using your own creativity. Just before serving, sprinkle with some icing sugar and serve with a generous amount of clotted cream!

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