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5 things every event planner should tell their venue


What does your venue expect from you?

A successful event is the result of hard work and advanced planning but there are some key pieces of information that are vital to a well-run event. Here’s what your venue wants to know from you.

  • Room layouts

This may seem obvious and can be straightforward if your event is taking place in one room with the same format throughout. However, does your programme require changes in the day or different set-ups on different days? Giving the venue advanced warning will ensure any changes are turned around quickly and that your programme runs on schedule.

  • Your final numbers

For many organisers the numbers game can be a bit of a gamble – over-book and you may face cancellation charges; under-book and risk the venue being too small for your final numbers. With most venues there will be a degree of flexibility on your numbers but make sure you tell your venue, by the deadline, the final number of guests. This is mainly for your catering but also to have the room set up as you expect upon arrival.

  • Your programme (timings)

You know your event inside out; in fact, you’ve been working on your programme for months. In order to make everything run like clockwork you need to make sure your venue knows your timings as well as you do. This is best achieved by giving them a copy of your final programme as soon as you have it and preferably at least a week ahead of your event.

  • Dietary requirements

It can sometimes be tricky to gather dietary needs from your delegates but it is certainly trickier to deal with unexpected requests on the day. Most venues can easily adapt or substitute menu choices so you can be sure that all of your guests can be catered for.

  • Main contact information

It is so useful for your venue to have one main point of contact who is their first port of call should a problem arise. Having one contact ensures the venue staff know who can make decisions and that problems are dealt with quickly.

Date posted: March 30, 2017