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5 reasons not to come to Clare College for your event

1. You are not someone who can be inspired (and nor are your guests)

Clare College’s setting offers an inspirational environment for any event and is located in the heart of the city of Cambridge. Discover more about the college’s location here.

2. You are don’t enjoy beautiful scenery

Part of Clare College’s inspirational atmosphere is its beautiful scenery and historic architecture. Spoil your delegates with a unique venue nestled either side of the River Cam and famous Cambridge ‘Backs’.

3. You already have a perfect venue which you cannot improve upon

As an experienced event planner, you’re likely to have hosted events in a number of different venues. Whether your experiences have been positive or negative, it is always good to look at ways to improve your event.

4. You don’t like tasty food

Clare College has a first-class reputation for food and our chefs are committed to using sustainable locally-sourced ingredients. Impress your delegates (and your taste buds) with the exciting menus our team creates – whether for a formal dinner or networking lunch.

5. You are not planning an event

Even if you are not planning for a particular event at this time, our team would be delighted to meet with you to show you our facilities. You can arrange a site visit by getting in contact with our team here.

Date posted: May 31, 2017